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Myopractic is a massage therapy system using deep muscle therapy and structural integration techniques to achieve deep relaxation and relieve chronic pain.

Myopractic muscle therapy system includes foundational and master level training. The foundational training includes  pain-free deep massage, myofascial and muscle stretching techniques, sports alignment and neuromuscular trigger point techniques, in easy-to-learn hands-on massage workshop formats. All of the techniques are easy to use because they are applied with the therapist hands and body relaxed. This will maintain the therapists health and longevity in the business. Videos of the deep tissue techniques and an illustrated manual are also available.

The  two Master
Myopractor courses teach the basic 7 and the 3 advanced sessions of structural integration. And we added two new advanced levels, never before offered in bodywork, vibrational release and energetic re-integration. These new levels use mechanical vibration and percussion from specially-designed power tools to clear core-level energetic blocks.

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The Myopractic Institute is a state-approved massage school in Texas, offering advanced training only. We offer the most effective posture straightening and balancing muscle therapy techniques in easy-to-learn formats and at reasonable cost. Choose the types of training that work best for you:

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In the mid 1980's our lawyers acquired a federal trademark on the word Myopractic.

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The founder and primary instructor of Myopractic is Robert Petteway. In clinical practice since 1980, Robert has the unique ability to take complex structural, biomechanical and muscular relationships and create a simple approach that works to relieve posture imbalances and associated chronic pain.

Robert has training and experience in biomechanics, acupuncture and oriental medicine, and a wide variety of muscle therapies. In 1995 he was even voted "Best Massage Therapist In Houston" by the readers of the Houston Press. Robert has worked closely with physicians, surgeons, and chiropractors for nearly 30 years, and has devoted the last 19 years to developing the effective Myopractic System.

Myopractic founder Robert Petteway


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   Myopractic Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)
as a continuing education Approved Provider. (
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