Air Cleaners


We have really learned to appreciate clear air. As we travel around the country, we use an ion and ozone air cleaner in the hotel room to eliminate smells; to eliminate the germs in the hotel bed and mattress; to create an inviting workshop space; and even in our rental car. At home we use an Austin Air Health Mate + to clean the air. Call for ordering these in small or large sizes. Visit their website for details at

The ozone machines are different from an air filter, they actually help kill mold and some bacteria, and are wonderful at eliminating bad odors. The Austin Air Filters Cleaners are state of the art technology and we highly recommend them for home or office.

We find the air cleaners really benefit our therapy room, helping to assure it is a clean and refreshing healing space. The ozone company does not allow us to show you pictures of their products, or use their trademarked names. So, please call us for more information. Austin Air has no such problems.

Small Air
cleans will clean and area up to 600 sq. feet. Has an adapter for use in your car  approx $300.
Medium Size Air Cleaner, Can clean up to 1200 sq. feet  approx. $350. Medium Large Air Cleaner. Can clean up to 1800 sq. feet approx $450. Large Air Cleaner.  Can clean up to 2500 sq. feet, approx  $650


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