Expanded Consciousness



In August 2001, a Houston couple, Robert and Cynthia, began living in a state of "Expanded Consciousness" – a state of deep quiet.

Robert & Cynthia Sept-02 Houston Class

In this workshop, they will model right in front of you the exact steps that took them "back in time" - releasing their fears and pains - back to the exact vibration of their birth. A measurable point where original SELF enters.

They will facilitate your "letting go" – and teach you how to use the deep-rest CD's they developed to go back -- clearing, cleaning, releasing, until reaching the state of "awake." They will show you techniques to measure this process.

Using their deep-energy techniques, they will move your "consciousness" in and out of the various brainwave levels -- alpha, theta, even delta - so that you will have an experiential reference point for each place. They will take you to a place of deep relaxation where you will drop your inner dialogue. A place where you will have enhanced perception, discover trust, and find that love is a place of inclusion.

There's more... You will learn how to arrange your life to hold this place of deep rest. And from this deep stillness, you will see yourself and where you must go. Your own relationships will deepen and your results occur with less effort. Robert and Cynthia will model life's kiss of friendship - love and partnership - and celebrate family, business, and peace of mind.


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