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® Deep Muscle Therapy techniques

Next class in Huntsville, Texas:  Second or Third Sunday of each month
Sunday, September 11, 2016    noon - 6 pm (6 CEUs)
Whiplash (Neck and Head)
Taught by Robert Petteway

Call 936-435-1329
for more information and to register

Note:  The
Myopractic® Institute offers regular CE training in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.  We are also available to offer courses in other locations when those courses are "sponsored" by an organization or individual. We are currently scheduling these workshops with sponsors for 2012.
Call us if you would like to receive our sponsorship package.

Myopractic® Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.  

Pre-approved CE provider in Texas - # CE008

We offer two kinds of trainings in Myopractic® Deep Muscle Therapy:

 (1) Foundational Training
Provides techniques for clearing each major muscle in the body; it can be used for injury recovery, chronic pain relief, full-body relaxation, and spot therapy.

The Foundational Training includes upper and lower body techniques and an introduction to posture balancing.  It is offered in a variety of formats (see below).


 (2) Master Training

Provides comprehensive training in structural integration, very detailed ten-session bodywork for improving or eliminating postural misalignments.

There are two trainings in the Master Training series:
(See bottom of page for fuller descriptions)

a) Structural Integration - 9-day residential training; &
b) Advanced Pattern Release - 5-day residential training

The Foundational Training is a prerequisite for the Myopractic® Master Trainings, which are only offered periodically.  Please call the Myopractic® Institute at 936-435-1329 if you are interested in these courses.


To register in the Myopractic
® workshops, call the independent instructors listed below in the area of your choice.  Instructors offer the specific workshops listed and also may offer private or semi-private instruction upon request.

If you get stuck in your quest for Myopractic training . . .
please call the Myopractic Institute directly at 936-435-1329.

Classes and Private and Semi-Private Lessons Available in Houston, TX*

For details contact:
Monica Mullen RMT, MTI

2200 SW Frwy, Ste. 400
Houston, TX, 77098  713-582-2585

NOTE:  Monica is a licensed instructor with Myopractic Institute, but is not currently an instructor on record with the National Certification Board.  Therefore, her courses do not count for NCBTMB continuing education hours.


Classes and Private and Semi-Private Lessons Available in Findlay, Ohio
Upper and Lower Body Weekend Courses (16 CE hours)

Contact: Kathy Helms


Classes and Private and Semi-Private Lessons Available
in the Central Pennsylania & Baltimore areas
Upper and Lower Body Weekend Courses (16 CE hours)

Contact: Rebecca Atwell




Feet and Lower Legs.
Clear, release and recondition the body’s foundation. Great for athletes, elderly, or anyone with weakness, arch problems, pain, or poor circulation.

Quads, Hams & Adductors.
Deep therapy to release and refurbish each specific muscle in the thighs. Great for increasing strength, healing injuries, and improving the gait.

 Hip and Back Pain.
Deep muscle therapy for sciatic, hip, and low back pain and flexibility. Work all three positions -- prone, supine and side-lying.

Shoulder Injuries.
Deep muscle therapy routines for the shoulder girdle, including techniques for frozen shoulder and torn rotator cuff. Work all three positions -- supine, prone and side-lying.


LIST OF 6-hour CE COURSES: (Cont.)

Carpal Tunnel (Hands and Arms).
Complete clearing of the hands and arms. Reduce or eliminate pain, and reduce need for surgery. Vibrational clearing. Great for massage therapists.

Whiplash (Head and Neck).
Deep therapy for each specific muscle in the neck and head. Techniques even good for clients with bad discs. Work all three positions -- supine, prone, and side-lying

Vibrational Release.
Energetic, emotional and physical traumas are stored in our bodies. You will receive and learn to give special breathing techniques, combined with mechanical vibration and audio frequencies to release these restrictions gently.


The Myopractic® Master Training series consists of two residential courses – Structural Integration (Parts I and II) and Advanced Pattern Release. Each course is limited to 16 participants. Myopractic® Master Training is designed to create an optimal learning and therapy environment for therapists. The prerequisite for the Master Training is the Foundational Training – upper and lower body techniques.

Myopractic® Structural Integration is a 9-day workshop that is required for licensing as a Myopractic® therapist. The primary content of the course is structural integration, ten-session work, which has been demonstrated over many years to be the best way for the body to release deep patterning in the posture and to reorganize its alignment in a more natural and healthful way. The work is very detailed; the order of the sessions is critical in getting the desired results. In addition to traditional structural integration, the Myopractic® Master Training offers several new approaches that cannot be found elsewhere, including posture balancing and energetic reintegration. Myopractic® Master Training offers therapists a unique combination of training in advanced techniques and deep relaxation and rejuvenation. 

® Advanced Pattern Release is currently an optional workshop toward Myopractic® licensure. The course is 5-days and its content includes Postural Alignment concepts and techniques, the advanced sessions (8-10) of structural integration, and elements from our Experience Stillness course which include advanced techniques stress release.

The two courses of the Masters series may be taken in any order.

Call 936-435-1329 for Master Training schedule and pricing.


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