Muscle Therapy Techniques

Deep Muscle Therapy Myopractic® SymbolMyopractic® Pain-Free Deep Muscle Therapy

    Using Myopractic® techniques your clients will realize all the benefits of deep muscle therapy while you keep your hands and body relaxed. Myopractic® techniques penetrate deeply, yet gently, into the soft tissue by using the your body weight rather than muscle strength. Myopractic® techniques are so safe and comfortable to use you will actually increase your energy while doing your bodywork.

Trigger Point Therapy using  Myopractic® Covered Thumb
Myopractic® covered thumb technique:
Weight and leverage, not size and strength

    Myopractic® integrates Swedish massage, trigger point, myofascial release and even structural integration techniques to form an integrated system. Myopractic® techniques work on both massage tables and chairs, use little or no oil, can be done on skin or through the clothes, and can easily determine the correct speed and direction needed. In addition we encourage therapist/client interaction and connection during treatment.

    Myopractic® is made up of three techniques.


COMPRESSION STRETCHING techniques which achieve deep relaxation, relieve tension, spasms and holding patterns in the muscle;


CLEARING  methods to clean obstructions from soft tissue,   e.g., trigger points, scar tissue, muscle bundles, old bruises; and


SEPARATING  to release myofascial adhesions, separate fascial planes and balance muscles.

    When combined with motion -- passive, active and rocking -- and used at varying depths, these foundational techniques are flexible enough to achieve deep relaxation, spot therapy, and even full posture balancing and structural alignment. Myopractic® achieves all this using muscle therapy techniques, we support, but do not teach any type of joint manipulation. Myopractic® also teaches therapeutic order -- which level and technique, in what order, for how long, and when and to whom to refer out -- allowing you to achieve maximum benefit with minimum effort.


Deep Muscle Therapy Myopractic® SymbolMyopractic® Therapeutic Massage

Myopractic® maps seven levels of bodywork and offers techniques in each to serve clients with different needs.

  1. Energetic - faintest touch to establish trust, move energy, introduce stillness and create a space for healing to occur. Learn how to get out of your head and into your hands
  2. Swedish Massage - soft touch for releasing tiredness, relaxing and improving circulation. Get your client back in touch with their body.
  3. Sports Massage - vigorous techniques to clean, stimulate, stretch and tone the muscles. Sports alignment is critical for pain free peak performance.
  4. Deep Tissue - techniques which go only as deep as is comfortable for the client,  clear trigger points and reduce chronic pain. This level addresses the client's symptom complaints.
  5. Structural Integration - advanced Myopractic® muscles therapy techniques and sessions that systematically releasing holding patterns in the muscles, balance the posture and align the structure.
  6. Vibration Release  - when going deeper into the muscle will achieve no additional benefit, Myopractic® master-level techniques release deep holding patterns and energy blockages by creating a wave pattern in the body using specially-designed Myopractic® power tools.
  7. Energetic Re-integration - the most powerful bodywork techniques ever offered. These exclusive Myopractic® master-level techniques for moving energy at the deepest levels of the mind/body/spirit connection.


Deep Muscle Therapy Myopractic® SymbolMyopractic® on Energetic - Functional - Anatomical

    Imbalances begin on the energetic level.  If untreated these imbalances begin to affect the way parts function, eventually breaking down the structure itself. For example, if someone gets tense (energetic), it can change blood flow, affect hormones (function), even slow/change bone growth (anatomical). Myopractic® stresses that the level of treatment be matched appropriately to the level of the problem. Although it is conceptually valid that an energetic techniques can affect bone length, for instance, it is a rare occurrence at best. Therefore when the source of misalignment in the body is anatomical - such as the bones in one leg being shorter than the other or the arch in one foot dropped - Myopractic® uses an anatomical technique to restore balance in the body, allowing excellent functioning and freer movement of energy.
    Myopractic® supports the use of lifts and orthotics to achieve alignment in two critical areas for optimal health and relief from chronic pain: 1) Foot/ankle/knee relationships and 2) level of the hip (on both the vertical and horizontal planes). Misalignments in theses areas are observable and, in the absence of pathologies, simple to address.
    Here is an example that may assist in demonstrating the importance of treating anatomical alignment with direct, structural techniques. At the simplest level, lets say your house foundation is low on one side; you jack up one side and put a shim in to level it - amazing - the doors and windows start working - stop squeaking - the same thing happens in a body, the joints stop hurting. Symptoms are energetic and functional medical problems - but, anatomical problems are architectural - engineering problems, and gravity rules! It's easy to shim the foot and watch knees straighten, hip, spine and necks self-correct, even TMJ problems disappear.
       Straightening the posture is both a science and an art. It takes intelligent attention focused on all three levels; energetic, soft tissue and anatomical.
    Please read the Client Successes section for a detailed example of how Myopractic® works perfectly with other medical systems to achieve pain-free structural balance.


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