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new adaptor!  works with current jigsaws!  two jiggies - incredible results!

we have a special adapter made at a machine shop for use on jigsaws. we have experimented for years developing this incredible adapter. you can accomplish in minutes what would take you hours or even many sessions using your hands. use on shoulder muscles, skull, feet, any soft tissue, even your face! and soft tips go over bones! 

when pushing harder just hurts but does not clear the tissue, these percussion tools provide deep tapotement and waves guaranteed to release the toughest problems. adapted jigsaws, these tools are noisy, not relaxing, and incredibly effective. the benefits are so great clients quickly accept the noise and ask for more. sometimes i give the clients shooting headphone to block the noise, or boise noise canceling headphones.

these tools are powerful, yet gentle enough to use on the face, skull, sacrum, and most soft tissue areas. i avoide the areas near my funny bone and directly behind my knees, and my eyes. try this incredibly effective technique. use two jigsaws, slightly different speeds, and watch a wave move through the muscle. imagine using one on the anterior tibias and the second jigsaw, opposite on calf. the wave goes completely through the lower leg and relieves muscles impossible to reach with hand techniques.  

what type of jigsaw is best? take the tip to the store to purchase your jigsaw, if you can. the looks from the sales people alone are worth it! quick change blade design is great so you don't have to use tools to change tips (blades). i like the two least expensive skil models. black and decker are light but need a tool to change tips. check at hardware stores, home depot, sears, lowes, and other tool stores. orbital option is ok but, don't get anything with "scrolling." we have handouts on using the tools.

black & decker handheld cordless (little less noise) odd shape but works well.
black & decker js 500 b  must remove bottom plate. odd plastic fangs probably need to be removed.
black & decker js 200 a  must remove bottom plate. odd plastic fangs probably need to be removed.

makita 4324 r  must remove bottom plate.

here are some links that may help you. or do a searh on skil or black and decker then site search for jigsaw.

speed control note:   some jigsaws don't have speed control. you can use a dimmer switch. dimmer switches are 500 watt models found in most good lamp or hardware stores, we sell them, see picture below. you can use buffers and jigsaws on the same extension cord with a power strip.

speed control  heavy duty 500 watt lamp dimmer. for use with buffers and percussor. for best use, plug extension cord into wall and into a power strip. then, plug buffer and two percussors into power strip. we have used this setup for years with no problem to motors or dimmer switch $20.00  (found in lamp stores or hardware stores)

speed control device
click on photo to enlarge

percussor adaptorall adaptors are hand-made and guaranteed. we use 3/4" or 1 1/4" pvc caps and drill a hole to accept the shaft. i use thin nuts to secure the shaft and leave room inside the cap for the ball. the small balls are practice balls for golf, and the large soft one a stress squeeze ball.


medium adaptor is the most all-purpose; it锟絪 great for general work. the semi-firm ball is usually comfortable going over bones. comes with one semi-firm ball .

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