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“The most important thing we give is our attention. Without it, even the best techniques are empty. Come share with us the learning, growing, and deep being of becoming a master therapist….”


Please join us for the Myopracticâ Master Trainings.
This may be your last chance to work with and learn from us directly,
as we will be retiring soon.
We promise you the training of a lifetime.

Myopracticâ Master Training offers you the skills to facilitate lasting change in your clients. It is a unique combination of training in advanced techniques along with deep relaxation and rejuvenation. These training intensives increase your ability to release the patterning that keeps your clients in chronic pain and misalignments. The workshops will give you the professional credentials to gain an edge in the marketplace. And the workshop will be an opportunity for you to rest deeply and get the kind of detailed bodywork that most therapists seldom receive.

A Unique Learning Experience

The Master Training workshops will be held in a retreat center north of Austin, Texas. We’ll create a restful and accepting environment where you can experience wholeness and connection, allowing you to learn easily, rest deeply, and gain insights.

There are two workshops in the series – Structural Integration and Advanced Pattern Release. The primary content of both workshops in the series is structural integration. Ida Rolfe first developed structural integration, and Myopracticâ remains very close to her original patterns. Also known as "ten-session work", structural integration has been demonstrated over many years to be the best way for the body to release deep patterning in the posture and to reorganize its alignment in a more natural and healthful way. Clients in chronic pain emerge from the ten-session series with more ease in their bodies and more vitality overall. The order of the unwrapping in structural integration is important to getting the best results.

In addition to traditional structural integration, the Myopracticâ Master Training offers you several new approaches that cannot be found elsewhere:

  1. Bodywork support using the vibrator and percussor.
  2. Energetic Re-integration – a new type of body and energy work (now simpler and softer) -- produces profound experiences and releases at a very deep level.
  3. Posture Balancing, a unique approach of body reading and structural alignment for those
    bodies that do not respond completely to muscle therapy alone.
  4. Robert’s newest, cutting-edge audio relaxation program using brainwave technology.
  5. Information and exercises to expand deep relaxation and consciousness.

Two Workshops Expand and Deepen Your Mastery

The workshops in the Master Training series can be taken in any order and each has a slightly different perspective and focus. If you intend to offer the ten-session series to your clients, we recommend taking both of these workshops.

Structural Integration is a 9-day workshop that is required for licensing as a "Myopracticâ Therapist- Level Two" (or "Myopractorâ"). In this workshop you will:

bulletGive sessions one through seven in the ten-session series. These sessions utilize the techniques you learned in the Myopracticâ foundational training.
bulletLearn to evaluate the structural alignment of your client and re-align the body using both functional and structural techniques.
bulletExperience sessions one through seven directly -- from the client’s perspective – and share that experience with other participants.
bulletReview and expand your knowledge of the muscles – origins, insertions, and actions.
bulletGain an introduction to the use of power tools as a complement to your hand techniques.
bulletExperience Energetic Re-integration (optional) and learn the basics of offering this powerful technique to your clients. We have simplified and softened this technique for best results.
bulletLearn how to use the Myopracticâ relaxation CDs and tapes to enhance your bodywork techniques both for you as therapist and for your clients.
bulletLearn techniques to expand your awareness, thereby allowing you to "read" your clients better so that you can serve them fully while not being exhausted or injured by their energy.

Advanced Pattern Release is a 6-day workshop that is currently optional for Myopracticâ licensing. Its pace is less intensive than Structural Integration, allowing for even deeper rest. It is designed to explore inner stillness. In this workshop you will:

bulletGive sessions eight, nine and ten in the ten-session series. These sessions are traditionally very different the first seven sessions (using primarily fascial stretching) and are excellent as stand-alone sessions for releasing misalignments in your clients.
bulletGain additional experience and confidence in evaluating the structural alignment of your clients and re-aligning the body using both functional and structural techniques. We will make you a custom arch support as part of this training.
bulletExperience sessions eight, nine and ten directly -- from the client’s perspective – and share that experience with other participants.
bulletExperience Energetic Re-integration (optional) and gain experience and confidence in offering this powerful technique to your clients. This pleasurable technique is the most efficient we’ve seen for disrupting chronic holding patterns and opening the body/mind.
bulletLearn techniques to reach inner stillness and gain practice in working from that "healing" space. From here, you will expand your awareness and increase your intuition and connection with your clients.
bulletLearn to see the patterns of thinking that determine your behavior and, in seeing them, to expand the possibilities available to you and others.

Your Investment

The total cost of the workshops includes everything once you get to the retreat site north of Austin, Texas -- instruction (the best bargain in the market for structural integration training!), accommodations in a beautiful wooded retreat on a lake (triple occupancy), and healthful and delicious food. A limited financing program is available.

Course Schedule and Transportation

Please plan to arrive the afternoon before the first day of the training so that you can settle in, get acquainted with the retreat center, and be rested for the start of the workshop. We will end the course at 6 PM on the last day; however, you are encouraged to stay overnight and leave the next morning. Please do not plan to leave the course early.

If you will be flying in and out of Austin, we will offer, free of charge, shuttle service to and from the retreat center. The retreat center is about one and one half hours north of the Austin airport. In order to take advantage of this free shuttle service, you will have to coordinate your flight times with us. The shuttle will leave Austin airport at 3 PM on the day before the workshop and arrive back at the airport at 10 AM on the day after the workshop.

Plan on taking a break from everything. During these courses you will be getting great bodywork, good food, and constant learning on many levels. You can use all the time when you are not in class to rest, detox, and integrate. We will create a quiet, safe, and happy environment for you to do so.

The Retreat Center

Rainbow Hearth is an intimate retreat center in the beautiful Texas Hill Country about one hour northwest of Austin, Texas. Nestled on the side of a hill, Rainbow Hearth overlooks Lake Buchanan. The retreat is owned and run by our good friends, Mariah Wentworth and Richard Gerstner, who are body workers, energy workers, healers, earth lovers, and great cooks. Please see the center’s website ( for information and many pictures.

How To Prepare

In order to cover all the outlined material during the Master Training, we will rely on your coming to the course with a working knowledge of all techniques taught in the Myopracticâ foundational training – all upper and lower body deep muscle therapy techniques and the principles of posture balancing. Please review and practice these techniques prior to the course using your manual and videos.

Join us for this exciting opportunity for growth!

Complete the enclosed registration forms and return them by mail or fax as soon as possible. The retreat center has limited capacity, and the classes typically fill up fast. Admission to the workshop will be based on order of registration. So, please let us know your intent as early as possible.



We intend to retire from teaching the Myopracticâ Master Trainings soon, perhaps after this workshop, turning it over to other excellent instructors. (See the note we’ve included in this package.) We’d love to have you join us for this, probably our last, master training. It promises to be a deep and satisfying experience.



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