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robert and cynthia - founder and director

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    the myopractic锟?/sup> institute is a state-approved massage school in texas, offering advanced training only. we offer the most effective posture straightening and balancing muscle therapy techniques in easy-to-learn formats and at reasonable cost. choose the types of training that work best for you: (catagory "a" ncbtmb #279332 see workshops. and a pre-approved texas ceu provider #ce008)

bulletworkshops the best way to learn the basic myopractic锟?/sup> techniques is "hands on." workshops combine lecture and demonstration with detailed anatomy review and lots of time for giving and receiving each technique. the teaching is supported by individual feedback and an illustrated manual.
bulletillustrated manual for those who cannot attend the myopractic锟?/sup> workshops, written materials are available which describe each technique and provide detailed anatomical drawings.

anatomical drawing form myopractic锟?workshop manual
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bulletvideo lessons a complete video library is a convenient way to review and practice myopractic锟?/sup> techniques.


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    the myopractic锟?/sup> foundational workshops are organized into two weekends -- upper body techniques (sat/sun) weekend and the lower body techniques and introduction to posture straightening and balancing weekend (sat/sun/mon). the classes include:

1.  foundational training


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get paid to do amazon reviewsmore than 35 techniques focus on freeing the muscles of our foundation, enhancing circulation, smoothing the gait and identifying foot problems.
get paid to do amazon reviews   these muscles either support the hip from below or pull it out of alignment, creating posture problems, including back pain. 2 day workshop at $350 (16 ceus)


upper body

get paid to do amazon reviews  this lesson frees the hips from the chest by releasing the low back and iliopsoas muscles. 30+ techniques, including organ massage.
get paid to do amazon reviews   techniques to clear the hands and forearms thoroughly, balance the head, neck and shoulders on the torso, and relax the neck. finish with revitalizing face and scalp techniques. 2 day workshop at $350. (16 ceus)

bulletvideo lessons

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  1. feet and legs
  2. hip and thigh
  3. chest, back & organs
  4. arms, shoulder and neck 
  5. introduction to posture straightening and balancing 

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    to create a space for healing to occur the master myopractor must be able to move energy at the deepest levels. additionally the therapist's own system must be clear of restrictions in order to facilitate deep release in their clients. students will learn to both give and receive the basic seven structural integration sessions. you will learn to use both hand techniques and the myopractic锟?/sup> power tools. students will have the option of receiving and learning the most powerful form of bodywork ever offered - energetic re-integration. a 9 day residential course at $2200 (90 ceus)

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bulletstructural integration (vip series)

    this advanced level of myopractic锟?/sup> bodywork, the vip series (very important patterns) is administered to the client in a 7 or 10-session series. these "structural integration" techniques can be used at medium or deep levels, depending on the client's pain threshold. the sessions are designed to systematically clear and release tension from the muscles and reorganize and balance the posture and structure.

    structural integration sessions are designed to "unwrap" the body in a given order so that a natural function and anatomical alignment emerges. the ten sessions, combined with myopractor anatomical balancing techniques, work to clear body/mind patterning, relieving chronic pain and improving quality of life. the ten session are:

bulletget paid to do amazon reviews    hips, lateral legs and chest.
bulletget paid to do amazon reviews    feet upward to the knees.
bulletget paid to do amazon reviews    lateral body line, ears to ankles.
bulletget paid to do amazon reviews    the hip, lateral and medial leg.
bulletget paid to do amazon reviews    the entire front line of the body.
bulletget paid to do amazon reviews    the entire back line of the body.
bulletget paid to do amazon reviews    the head, neck and arms.
bulletget paid to do amazon reviews    four sides of the lower body.
bulletget paid to do amazon reviews    four sides of the upper body.
bulletget paid to do amazon reviews   front and back lines.

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experience stillness
weekend course in ultra deep relaxation. learn about the bio-technology of deep rest and how to lower  brainwaves to clear old pains and fears. learn how to use our special relaxation cds. includes individual interviews on how to create and environment to support these deep expanded states. receive multiple energetic re-integration sessions. eri sessions clear your mind and body of resistances all the way back to infancy. learn to do eri on yourself and others. classes open to all. call for more info.

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