bodywork tools

vibrators - buffers.   sorry.  we can no longer get the commercial buffers.
we suggest that you buy a consumer buffer from your local hardware store.

just be sure to use a lamp dimmer to slow it down for bodywork.  we do have the
lamp dimmers in stock if you cannot find one.

stop hurting your hands. release the places that hands just can锟絫 get. lets you get deep on anyone with ease.

we have adapted orbital auto buffers for use in bodywork - with incredible results. we modify the buffers by removing the cord protector plate. this makes room for multiple layers of wool and cotton pad for added softness. then, we add a speed control device to control the wave pattern. the fully adjustable wave patterns created by these tools easily move through the entire body, at various depths.

buffers must be used with a speed control device. my clients love it when i give them the speed control! i work lightly and slowly for circulation and relaxation. or, i can speed up the buffer and work deeply for profound structural changes.

soften scar tissue in minutes. give new life to arthritic joints. best treatment for fibromyalgia. amazing for foot reflexology. get into muscles that won锟絫 yield to your hand techniques. all the buffers come with a 30-day guarantee.

professional quality   must have accessory  
9" pad, modified, no lock. comes with lamb wool cover, two terrycloth covers, and speed control device. strong .85 amp motor and weighs 5 pounds. light, powerful and easy to handle. great for constant use with>50.00

9" professional buffer

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speed control  speed control  heavy duty 500 watt lamp dimmer. for use with buffers and percussor. for best use, plug extension cord into wall and into a power strip. then, plug buffer or percussor into power strip. we have used this setup for years with no problem to motors or dimmer switch $20.00

speed control device

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